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Trip To Laguna Moron

Today was thought to be a normal day at the hostel.  People were getting to their places to complete their tasks.  Something was different today which they did not expect.  We decided to go take a visit to a majestically place near the outsides of Paracas called Laguna Moron.  Such a magical an mystical place, entering the soothing waters of the lake and doing paddle in an oasis in middle of the desert is an un-explainable sensation.  The calmness and relaxing sensation of the place is simply amazing.  Everybody had an awesome moment and saw the beauty of the place.

It was a fun trip with ups and downs.  It all started when we were loading the cars to exit the hostel and start our journey towards the oasis.  We were setting up everything to start our trip and loading all our food and drinks.  We were all ready to go and headed out towards the lake.  We stopped in the main city pisco to buy some provisions and that is when the problem began.  We forgot to buy charcoal to do the grill!!!!!  On our way in middle of a remote town we found some firewood and decided to take it.  Luckily that solved the problem that we wouldn’t be able to start a grill with no fire.

Once there the day was amazing, we lit up the grill and started serving our drinks with some music in the background from the car.  The day was sunny and perfect, the lake emitting a perfect mood to go in and paddle.  We pulled down some paddle boards from the car and started paddling our way into the lake.  See how the smooth wind coming down from the sand dunes created some perfect ripples in the lake was simply astonishing.  It is a place with such  refreshing feel that you just don’t want to leave it.

Next a short clip we made by drone with some images of Paracas and the Laguna Moron.


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