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Today we decided to take a break from the hostel work and make a small trip into the national reserve of Paracas.It has been a long time since we have gone into such a beautiful place having it right next to us.  We started by visiting the museum right after the entrance of the reserve.  A newly build museum half done but very interesting.  It shows all the story of how the world and the tectonic plates have moved generating certain areas near the coast.  Into the museum there are amazing pictures of birds and all the animals that live in the area where we are.  They explained inside how the national reserve was established in 1975.

National Reserve MuseumThey also talked about how the paracas culture had an impact in the area and why it is famous.  In prehistoric periods the Paracas culture ruled the beach area and had many amazing traditions.  When they told us that recent studies have found that some skulls of expanded craniums had been tested and that the analysis shows that they had non-human DNA!!!!

Then we moved on to Visit our second stop to a hill with an amazing view of all playa roja and lagunillas area.  They say that in some time during the ages there was a volcano nearby those areas and when erupted it made the rocks in the area be red.  There is a magical mix of reds and yellows all around the surrounding areas.  Such an amazing privilege to stand up on that hill and look at the amazing creations of nature.  A spectacular view which was gifted to us by nature and is there for everybody to see.  How the wind makes the sand around gently move and create an always changing painting in the dessert.National Reserve

After seeing the beach from above we went down for a closer look at playa roja were you can admire a red sand in the beach and directly above in the cliff you can see a yellow colored sand.  Next we took a stop at Lagunillas which is the adjacent area of that bay.  It is a small fishing town in middle of the reserve where they have a few small restaurants in a touristy part of the reserve.

For our final stop we went to a beach on the other side of lagunillas which is an amazing white sand beach which is in the bottom of a cliff.  The water looks like the carabean ocean.  They we just laid back and chilled for a couple of hours.  It was a very fun and interesting day.  The beach was amazing and the sun was also incredible.  Being able to lay in the white sand and stay there for a while.  It was such a calm day that we were able to see dolphins in the ocean due to the beach being empty.


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